Feedback from massage clients and yoga students: 

“Welcoming, diverse, appropriate for all body types. Great way for me to get centered each week.” LA 

“She connects with people. Debbie truly enjoys welcoming people to yoga and helping every individual improve. She expresses a dedication to her students, and doesn’t see any barriers to individual improvement, regardless of age, etc.” Lisa

I could barely walk or sit without severe pain shooting down my leg prior to working with Debbie. She was extremely attentive to my needs and I felt immediate relief after the first day of seeing her. Essentially her knowledge of the body and gift at massage was what fixed my leg. I have not had problems with it since.

Both Dino and I see her regularly for massage to compliment and support our active lifestyles. She says “at least half of my clients are athletic — runners, cyclists — either coming in for regular maintenance … or if they get torn up in roller derby […or mountain biking].”
Several years ago I hurt my ribs in roller derby and Dino said “You gotta call Debbie.” We laugh about it cuz every time we get sore, that’s the first thing out of our mouths. We feel so very fortunate to have Debbie part of our lives and feel you would, too.

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